ECE Project Report on Agriculture Aid Seed Sprinkling and Crop Care Taking Mechanism

Introduction to Agriculture Aid Seed Sprinkling and Crop Care Taking Mechanism:

In previous years, farmers were depended on plants and crops for staple food. They were depending only on rain and atmospheric quotients for field crops. For these crops they have 5-steps. They are Ploughing, Seed sowing, Seed sprinkling, Harvesting, and pesticide sprinkler.

                              Ploughing is the first step in farming. In this process we will till the land and make get ready to seed sowing. Plough is nothing but it has a teeth’s structure and will be able to turn top layer of soil down. In this process land will be making as a field. Second step is seed sowing, in this process we will put the seeds in ground. Seeds flow will control automatically. Third step is seed sprinkling, this is another way to put the seeds in ground i.e., we have to thrown the seeds into tilled field.

For this we have a high-speed fan. It moves automatically and controls the directions. Fourth one is harvesting. It is a mechanism, has horizontal blades used to cutting the standing crop. Last one is pesticides, which are used for not to get diseases, insects, damages the plants, and growing the crops and production.

                              In this process labor and time is required and put more effort. And also it is a slow process. All these slow steps are avoided by the new mechanism is known as “CHAIN DRIVE MECHANISM”. It has a conventional wheeled ploughs for balancing and proper weight distribution.

It has pipes for sowing of seeds connected to the seed tank and has controlling the speed of fan capability and restrict the flow of seeds and pouring the seeds in tilled field which is sprinkling. For this work no. of motors, pipes, and chains and also controlling mechanism required. Atmel 89C 51 micro controllers, RF transmitter/receiver, and dc motor are used. Advantage of this mechanism is no need of labor, time and effort. It is fast and more reliable process.

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