Automatic Ac Light Control Using Triac

AIM:            The main aim of Automatic Ac Light Control Using Triac project is to design equipment by which an AC light control is obtained automatically by using TRIAC.

Description:          In this project the major part considered here is the passive infrared sensor. Passive Infra Red sensors are mainly used for sensing radiations that are radiated by objects in its field of view. PIR sensors are used in many application like motion detectors . These sensors radiations are not visible to human eye but it can be detected by electronic devices. This sensors can detect temperature variations of the object which is moving in front of it. It works on black body radiation.

This passive infra red sensor is human detection sensor. when this pir detects the human movement it immediately sends signal to the micro controller. So from the microcontroller a signal is sent to the opto coupler and triac is by this the AC bulb is made on. Here the LCD displays whether the bulb is in ON condition or OFF condition. Hence the ac light control is obtained automatically using triac.

download  Automatic Ac Light Control Using Triac Project.

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