A Zigbee Network Based Heart Monitoring System for Pre-Mature Babies Projects for Engineering

This Zigbee Network Based Heart Monitoring System for Pre-Mature Babies Projects for Engineering Paper introduces Zigbee technology in monitoring the heart rate of pre-mature babies, which broadens the previous radio standards to include higher flexibility, security and reliability. It includes features like mobility, low power consumption, longer battery life and hence can be incorporated in everyday applications.

a-zigbee-network-based-heart-monitering-system-for-pre-mature-babies-projects-for-engineeringWireless communication popularly shortened to “Wireless” as the name indicates is a kind of tele-communications without the use of wires or cables. It is a good replacement to overcome impractical considerations like long distance cabling and perfect for usage over long distances, provides connectivity through satellites connecting mobiles, workstations etc. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are names synonymous with wireless.

In this project, Zigbee aims at upgrading heart monitoring systems such as ECG. The Zigbee wireless network is used to monitor the heart-rate of premature babies kept in different incubator rooms. Through wireless technology, their heart rate is closely examined and any signs of increase in heart rate or vice-versa can be communicated to the central monitoring system and immediate aid can be provided. Every baby’s heart rate is monitored by an individual Zigbee sensory nodule and information sensed by it is transmitted to the Zigbee central coordinator which in turn relays the information to the central monitoring system through LAN. The central coordinator will alert the central monitoring system if any premature baby requires immediate attention.


A heart-rate monitoring system in hospitals requires to be operated all the time. Thus, Zigbee technology offering low power consumption, low cost, high battery life, less interference with other wireless devices and hence is ideal for heart-rate monitoring systems. Moreover, it is capable for remote monitoring and is less expensive than other heart rate monitors available in the market which use Bluetooth technology. Thus, Zigbee technology aims at infusing simple and cost-effective wireless technology options seamlessly into the market and targeting mainly automation and remote control applications.

Download A Zigbee Network Based Heart Monitoring System for Pre-Mature Babies Projects for Engineering CSE Computer Science Engineering B Tech/ BE Final Project Paper Presentation and Seminar PPT.

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