4G Technology that Gets the World in your Palm CSE Seminar Topic

4G Technology that Gets the World in your Palm CSE Seminar Topic research paper talks about 4g and the future the technology standard has. 4G is the fourth generation wireless communication standard. It has been earlier preceded by 1G, 2G, 3G and 4 G. The 4G applications are characteristically user-driven, user controlled services and context aware applications. In comparison with 3G , 4G has higher data rates and it focuses on one of the primary features ‘QoS’ ( Quality of Service) which is the main criteria in 4G wireless communication.

4G Technology?

A quicker means of networking and communication is what that attracts people to applications like 4G.The technology not only envisages a surge of economy and a landslide improvement in the infrastructure of telecom companies but also assure a better and evolved way of reaching out to the customers and serving them in the best possible way. The emerging new communications standard and of course trendsetter, assumes a user to be able to access services independently of her or his location, in an almost transparent way, with the terminal being able to pick the preferred access technology at current location (ad-hoc, wired, wireless LAN, or cellular), and move between technologies seamlessly i.e. without noticeable disruption. Unified, secure, multi-service, and multiple-operator network architectures are now being developed in a context commonly referenced to as networks Beyond-3G or, alternatively, 4G networks .A 4G Network is routed through a :

  • A user – a person or company with a service level agreement (SLA) contracted with an operator for a specific set of services
  • A MT (Mobile Terminal) – a terminal from where the user accesses services.
  • AR (Access Router) – the point of attachment to the network, Paging Agent (PA), QOS Broker, AAAC System, Network Management System, Interoperator Network Interchange, Mobility of users across terminals, Mobility among multiple terminals, Per hop Behavior ( PHB), Monitory and Measurement functions and above all confidentiality.

A 4G Technology when discussed at an operational level has many subtleties and nuances. This QoS architecture is able to support multi-service, multi-operator environments, handling complex multimedia services, with per user and per service differentiation, and integrating mobility and AAAC aspects. Although the future of 4G is very promising it still has shortcomings owing to its different server orientation. A major issue in 4G systems is to make the high bit rates available in a larger portion of the cell, especially to users in an exposed position in between several base stations.

In current research, this issue is addressed by macro-diversity techniques, also known as group cooperative relays and also by beam division multiple access.


Sprint Nextel, Scartel in Russia, Belarus and Nicaragua use the 4G technology. Ericsson and Nokia Siemens too have come up with some latest versions of  Technology in the Scandinavian part of the world.

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