A Study on Facebook Audience Insights MBA Digital Marketing Project

Title: A Study on Facebook Audience Insights MBA Digital Marketing Project


  1. Learn how to use Facebook Audience Insights for market research.
  2. Identify the experiences of people using Facebook Insights for their business or Pages.


This study focuses on Facebook Audience Insights in social networks. Due to the limited time of the investigation, the researcher was unable to conduct the investigation on other social networks such as YouTube and Instagram. When it comes to research, one limitation that cannot be ignored is the research population. The sample size is limited for the research, so we cannot say that the result can be accurately applied to others.

Research Methodology

Basic information is collected by sending out an online questionnaire and contacting users from any Facebook audience who use it to promote your business or Page. Secondary research is carried out using articles and books that can be found on web resources. The theoretical part explains the main theories and opinions of various authors about Facebook ads.
Sample size – 70


Valuable feedback from respondents

  • Create a FB plan and do your research before you start advertising. It may seem easy and straightforward, but there are many ways to optimize it and get better results. Also, do a split test to see what works best for the results you’re trying to get.
  • Don’t worry about where the posts are, just understand that you will reach your customers and it doesn’t matter where they are, but if they see your ads.
  • Create and store multiple custom audiences through Facebook Audience Insights. Some of them prefer to do this than use the local audience tool inside the builder.
  • Experiment a bit before starting any major campaign. You can see how useful this can be if you have a larger organization, but that’s generally not a good thing. This can be useful if your goal is to learn about just one brand, but in most cases, it’s a pain for the user.
  • If you’re using Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager, Facebook Audience Network is the only way to go. This saves all audiences and there is no other way to create ads without using this program.
  • Creating local or targeted ads using the Facebook Audience Network is great. This will allow you to create targeted content that will target your audience and increase your visibility, ultimately ensuring that your money is spent efficiently.
  • Take the time to research your network and observe the location. If your audience is very small, your ads may only show on third-party websites.
  • Try it on a limited budget. Do not use website clicks with this post; you will get more clicks. Don’t put too many actions on the average cost per click, because an apple cannot be compared to an apple.


Facebook Audience Insights provides access to valuable demographic and behavioral information that allows you to learn more about your audience and potential audience using the information they provide to Facebook. Using this information to not only target your advertising campaigns more effectively but also to build personas and communicate content marketing ideas, should be an important part of ensuring your strategy is informative. As a result, we can show our products or services to more relevant people and make them easier to lead and sell.
While there is no single way to conduct market research and determine if there is a real need for your product, Facebook Audience Insights, and Ads Manager are useful for their unique demographics or user behavior focus.

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