A Project Report on Automated Share Transaction System

Introduction to Automated Share Transaction System Project:

The Automated Share Transaction is the best application for those who are interested in buying and selling of shares this also helps in expanding the customer’s activities for automating operations. As there are various companies in the field of shares the customer has to register with the company initially and with that the customer or user gets an registration number which is an unique number. With this unique customer identification number the user can make or plan all the required operations.

The essential modules of project are registration of the novel customer, request form for buying or selling of shares, data server which operates the application, retrieving of the transaction records, editing customer details and regular updation of the shares information. This application gives the access only to the register customers and it is essential for the user to register and the complete process is done through internet.

For any kind of transaction the user doesn’t have to pay any kind of payment to the broker as through these application only users who are authorized can make transactions that is buy or sell the shares. After every transaction the details stores in the system for future reference. Verification is the important part of this application as user has to enter all the details which helps in authentication. Latest updates can be received if user enters the primary and secondary details.

Authentication offers password mechanism and security of the user information and share details. A simple application form makes the user to enter the complete details and this helps the user to get all the required information.

System Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP/VISTA, Server: Tomcat, Backend Database: MsAccess, Platform: Java/J2EE.

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