Download Automatic Share Transaction .Net Project Report

The objective of Automatic share transaction.Net application is to automate the process of Buying and Selling of Shares over the internet.  In general, we should approach the Share Brokers for these transactions and they are going to charge some minimal amount for each transaction. Automatic-share-transaction-Net-application 

To avoid this payment to the Brokers the users can register to the portal directly and can do their own transaction without any other Brokers interaction.

This web application is accessible for registered users only can do their own transactions over the internet.  

For the transactions, they need not pay any amount to any Brokers.  Using this web application the authorized users can buy and sell the shares.  All these transactions will be stored as History for the user’s reference.  While performing the transactions the users must provide their secondary authentication details as cross verification. 


The objective of this application is to automate the process of Buying and Selling of Shares over the internet. Transactions by individuals in shares and securities are not generally trading transactions. To debug the existing system, remove procedures those cause data redundancy, make navigational sequence proper. 

Providing information about users on the different level and also to reflect the current work status depending on the organization. It builds strong password mechanism. The project is identified by the merits of the system offered to the user. 


This project offers the user to enter the data through simple and interactive forms. This is very helpful for the client to enter the desired information through so much simplicity.

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