Seminar Topic and Report on Speaker Recognition System

Introduction to Speaker Recognition System  Seminar Topic:

The process of speaker recognition is to identify the voice of the speaker and this process is divided into two parts identification of speaker and recognition of speaker. After verifying the voice waves the access to the services is controlled. These are most used in the areas such as financial companies, telephone shopping, database services, computers remote access and information areas. Presently most of the customers have started using the voice recognition cards with sprints.

This technology of speaker recognition has become an important part for the creation of novel services as these make life easier and more secured. The other important place where the technology of speaker recognition used is in the Forensic department. This technology has made prominent place in the field of research from so many decades. The main feature of the speech recognition is the extraction of the categorization problem and this is to reduce the input vector dimensionally.

Later the raised cosine window was called as the Hamming window. Hamming window’s equation is discussed below, the value of the window function is zero for the chosen interval. Which means the function that is zero in other places and stable in the interval is called as the rectangular window. The main aim of the speaker recognition must be capable of eliminating the distribution probability of the vectors. This deals with the quantizing and distribution of the feature vectors.

As storing of each and every vector is not possible it is suggestible to quantize the features of the vector and this is called as the vector quantization and this is the process of considering huge vectors for the production of the small vectors for the distribution. 

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