Automobile Inventory Management System Project Report

Introduction to Automobile Inventory Management System Project:

Now-a-days in every field usage of computer has become more mandatory it is an electronic device which has made a huge difference in every one’s life. Based on the drive of technology this decade is called as the period of Information technology. This has taken a important place in this world that no one can lead their life without the computer.

This consists of two components which is hardware and software. Keyboard, mouse, monitor comes under hardware, operating system and all the related programs comes under software. A decade ago the usage of computer was only for engineers and scientists but now everyone are using the computers and it has become a part of their life. With this it has become an important factor for everyone to know how to build a information system that is computer based application.

Apart from that the initialization of the programming languages which is platform independent and also the object oriented language as this has changed a lot in the programming logics and styles. For building the computer application .Net has acquired a huge name and also has become an important factor or language tool among all other languages. The initial work that has to be done for building the application is analysis of the requirements this is very important.

In this process one can gather the user requirements of what and how they are expecting the application to be, this makes easy for the developer to develop novel application. These requirements must be in detailed, quantifiable and also must be relevant. There is a process of developing the application in the software engineering and in this such requirements are called as the functional specifications.

Before developing a flow chart makes that easier which step has to go if the condition is yes and if which step if the condition is no. This deals with complete information on how the application can be designed. 

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