A Multi Tier Online Booking Of Classifieds C#.Net Project Report

There is a special application by which publishing industry got many advantage. First introduce the necessity of this application. Today we read different kind of magazines. But there is a problem while booking an advertisement by any agent.

If anyone want to book their add by annually then they have to face many problem. Because all the high authority who have great facility they are able to book this.

But this application is very advantageous for them all. We are called this Multi-tier Advertisement Booing System.

It contains a SAP server which is able to control all kind of data very easily. This application contains all kind of facility like checking, booking etc… the entire agent can book the advertisement as many as they wanted. In this server more than 500 agents can work at a time.

This system is able to integrate all the facility like entry, pricing, all manage mental process and many thing.  Now come to the point the architecture of this application. 


This application contains different kind of tiers. These all tiers are located at a same computer. These tiers are – Information tier, middle tier and client tier. Now we will briefly describe these three tiers.

  • Information Tier: It contains all kind of database to the server. 
  • Middle Tier: It describes all kind of production logic, organizer logic and appearance logic to manage connections between the function’s purchasers and therefore the application’s information.
  • Middle-tier organizer logic processes consumer requests and recovers information from the information.
  • Presentation logic of this tier processes information from the data tier and nears the comfortable to the consumer. 
  • Client Tier: The shopper tier, or prime tier, is that the application’s computer program, that collects input and shows output. Customers act directly with the appliance through the computer program.
  • In reply to customer actions the shopper tier cooperates with the center tier to create desires and to recover information from the knowledge tier. The shopper tier then shows information retrieved from the center tier to customer.

Download  A Multi-Tier Online Booking Of Classifieds C#.Net Project Report.

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