Multi Tier Online Booking Of Classifieds Mini Project Abstract

Introduction to Multi Tier Online Booking Of Classifieds Mini Project:

Today advertising agency, publishing company is very large amount. They all time giving some advertisement. Many people are following it. In this process they always create a landmark. But to create this advertisement, many agents are required.

In this industry like publishing there is a top most boss who controls all the things. Under his there are many agents, they always look for the new client.

To control this total cycle we want to make an application which is very special and easier to use. By using it they can easily control all kind activities. Name of this application is multi-tier. By using SAP it will very easy to create. Before using this application you have to know some module about this. Modules are as follows:

  • Agent has the facility to booking any kind of advertisement very easily
  • They can check all kind of publication as well as content
  • There is administrator module which is to used by the software
  • Management can handle it very easily and access the reporting module.

In our project there are some features by which anyone can understand the main advantage of using this kind of application:

  • There is a lot of facility for agents. On a single server more than 500 agents are able to book any advertisement.
  • This server has automatic filling system for that when an agent wants to book anything it fills all the schemes automatically.
  • This application has a system by which it can store all the Indian as well as world language.
  • By using of this application all can handle the content over here.
  • They can easily check all the substance of any advertisement. So, they can they can deal with many combo offer with same publisher.

So as if lastly we can say that there is lot of application and advantage. If anyone use it they can earn lot of profit with this.

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