Efficient Packet Filtering Using Hash Tables

Wireless Mesh Networks are one of the fast growing technologies which had created scope for developing software applications for mobiles which work mainly on wireless network.

Mobiles are playing major role in communication in ad hoc networks and locations like hill stations, and remote hard to reach places.


Wireless mash technology is mostly used in mobiles for internet connectivity which will increase existing network capability. Many organizations are moving towards wireless mesh technology. 

This technology will provide security in data transition which is one of the best features in wireless mesh technology. In order to deal with security issues in network protocol design should be accurate. Issue detections should be done at application level with track back mechanism in order to provide secure communication.

Sybil attack is one of the dangerous attacks we see in wireless mesh network. There are two methods to deal with Sybil attack first is to install bulletproof hardware and second one is through packet trackback.

download Project code,project report of IEE CSE Wireless Mesh Networks packet filtering project.

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