8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer Using At89c51 Microcontroller

The proposed 8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer design is used in quiz competition when they use buzzer for opting their turn. The proposed design is a microcontroller (AT89C51) based design and we use an AT89C51 microcontroller which belong s to the family of 8051 microcontrollers. In this paper we will see how the circuit design is made and how the buzzer works and displays the information on the screen.

Power Supply Design

Brief on the 8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer working model and design:

The AT89C51 microcontroller is a 40 pin package in which 32 pins can be used for input and output purposes. We use 8 switches and they are connected individually to port1 pins and we make a serial line for all the 8 switches so that they can be connected to a buzzer and when any switch is presses a buzzer is blown. We use a seven segment display to display the information of the switch which is presses.

The code for this application is written in such a way that when any input switch is presses the corresponding switch number is displayed in the LCD screen. The microcontroller works a clock frequency of 12 Mhz. the entire device requires a power supply of 5v and we can provide it by using a battery source or by using a step down transformer from the power supply.

8 Candidate Quick Buzzer Using At89c51 Microcontroller

The AT89C51 microcontroller has an inbuilt flash memory of 8kb and we can reprogram it any number of times. We can use IC based design but the microcontroller design has less delay and can give quick responses.

Full Seminar Document Converted into Images and can be available to download and take print out  for knowledge purpose.

Explanation Of Power Supply Design

8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-1

Power Supply Design:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-2

Transformer and Rectifier Design:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-3
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-4
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-5

Filter and Voltage Regulator Design:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-6

AT89C51 Microcontroller Introduction:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-7

Features of AT89C51 Micro Controller:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-8
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-9

Pin Diagram and Description Of At89c51 Microcontroller:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-10
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-10
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-12
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-13

Seven Segment Display:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-14
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-15

Piezo Buzzer Oin Diagram:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-16

Switches and Pin Buttons of Piezo Buzzer:

8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-17
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-18

Software Tools for Quiz Buzzer:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-198 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-21
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-22

8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-24
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-25
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-26

Working Procedure of 8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer:
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-27
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-28
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-29
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-30
8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer-31


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