PIC Microcontroller Features

The base of the project is the Peripheral Interface Controller Microcontroller. The PIC 16F877A is applied in the project. The project is a simple oriented 8 bit microprocessor used which is applicable and known for the good performance and consumes less power. The information of the processing is invisible in the product. The Microcontrollers are important part in the processor system.  

The Micro controller is being used in the Weather forecasting station. The Microcontroller is the one electronic chip posses the CPU, I/Ports, RAM, ROM, the timers and the COM ports. The importance can be observed in the low place to occupy and the low power consumption. The PIC is the advanced chip in the microchips designing.  The name PIC is given by the Microchip Technology Inc. USA. The chip is very famous in the embedded systems that has been won in 20000 chip designs. The PIC chip used in this project is a microcontroller that is developed on the CMOS Technology. The difference between the Microcontroller and Microprocessor are the Microcontroller needs peripheral devices like the RAM, ROM all included in it.

The important features of the Microcontroller

  1. Efficient performance RISC  CPU.
  2. It has only 35 words to give the instruction.
  3. The instructions are only a single run and for the program codes are two run.
  4. The operating speed is DC- 20 MHz clock input.
  5. The DC- 200 ns instruction run.
  6. The maximum of 8K * 14 words FLASH Program Memory.
  7. The maximum of 368*8 bytes of RAM.
  8. The port is compatible for other 40 pin PIC 16F877.
  9.  The interrupt ability to maximum 14 sources.
  10. The eight stages hardware stack.
  11. The direct, indirect and relative processing modes.
  12. The programmable code threat free.
  13. The selectable oscillator modes.
  14. The low power and high performance CMOS FLASH/ EEPROM Technology.
  15. The in-circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) by two pins.
  16. The in-circuit debugging by two pins.
  17. Low Power need. 

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