Wireless Patient Monitoring System ECE Project Abstract

The main aim of this Wireless Patient Monitoring System project is to monitor the body of patient by checking the blood pressure and heart beating. Heart is main part in human body so to control this using this project. Nowadays most of the patients are doing exercises for good healthy condition. While doing exercise we have to know the blood pressure, heart beating count, temperature of the body, this can be done by using the Micro Controller Based Wireless Monitoring System. 

In this Tele Communication ECE Project Abstract the hardware equipments used are microcontroller (MCU), sensors, receiver and transmitter. The microcontroller send the information of the blood pressure, heart beat count and temperature of the body. Whenever blood pressure increases automatically heart beat count is increases. When the blood pressure or heart beat count increases immediately the microcontroller is active and sensor send a signal to receiver and at the receiver side alarm is sound horn. This process is done using wireless communication. This project mainly used in hospitals. So by using microcontroller the data can be display on the LCD (Liquid crystal display).In this project transmitter send the information and receiver receives the original data. The received data is displayed on the LCD.

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