Active Kiosk with Speech ECE Project Abstract

Introduction to Active Kiosk with Speech ECE Project Abstract:

This project aims at providing automatic information reference system along with speech. The model is microcontroller based design and it also displays the stored information on the display. This devices are used in giving information regarding the bus and train arrival and departure timings in the stations. In this we will discuss the construction details and working of the display system

Working model:

In this we will employ a 89c51 microcontroller which displays the information according to the timings. To the microcontroller display is connected which displays the information and to it a voice chip is connected which gives voice signal for the displayed information. The microcontroller is programmed with the timing information and so it works accordingly. The microcontroller is provided with an input keypad so that we can change the timing   information when changes required. The microcontroller based design are very efficient and they can be debugged easily and they consume very less power. The microcontroller program is written in assembly language and it runs on keil software.

Applications and advantages:

This is cost effective design for displaying information at bus and train stations. As we are using microcontroller which consist of flash memories we can reprogram any number of times we want. This microcontroller design has a greater control for the displaying information. 

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