Two Transistor FM Transmitters Project Abstract

The main aim of this project is to transmit the FM signal using two transistors. In this project we use the two transistors in one circuit. Both transistors are of type BC548. Second transistor base is connected to the collector of the first transistor. The circuit is basically a radio frequency RF oscillator; it operates at 100MHZ frequency range. When the input audio signal is applied to the first transistor then that signal is amplified by the first transistor. Then the output of the first transistor at collector terminal is fed to the base of the second transistor then this signal is modulated and set the resonant frequency. Here to set the resonance frequency we have to change the capacitance value. After setting the resonance frequency then we has to connect to the colpitts oscillator.

This ECE project mainly uses the equipments of transistors, capacitors, resisters, voltmeter to set the voltage value. This project mainly used in transmitting the Frequency modulated signal. There is the limited range for frequency modulated signal. The limit should not be cross. The FM wireless signal should contain licence, without the license it is illegal. Here the difference is used the two transistors for amplification and for modulation.

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