Society Resident Management System Project VB Source Code Download

Main modules developed for Society Resident Management System are login details for society members, monthly bill payments, generate reports for proper payments.

Here 1) Login details module contains username and password options to new users login into the society resident system. 2) Members module includes member code, member flat number, first name, middle name, last name, contact number, monthly maintenance charges. 3) Monthly bill payment module include billing month, member code, monthly payments, billing date. 4) Generate reports module includes receipt number, receipt date, payment method by cash or card, check number, recipient name recipient designation, amount, amount in words, paid per month, received on, bank name and finally branch name.

This Society Resident Management System more helpful for colony or society members to make their colony idle without any mistakes. This windows application written in Visual basic (VB) with MS Access database. Find the below sample source developed for different web forms to this system.


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  1. How to execute this code?????
    I installed Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition 8.0
    bt project is not working in that so please tell me how to run it….
    n r u hv a project report of this Society resident system project???
    please help me…

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