Biometrics Technology Technical Seminar Topic

Biometrics Technology Technical Seminar TopicBiometrics Technology Technical Seminar Topic explains about the advanced technology that is for the identification of the users. They uses the techniques like pattern matching, finger print matching, iris scanning etc. as they are very unique and they are different in different person’s as iris have unmatched pattern that are very complex. This is used for passwords at many places to provide maximum security. These are the things that you can’t forget nor stolen. It is done in three steps:

Science behind the Biometrics Technology:

Image acquisition: this is the process of the capturing the very high quality image of the iris. They are captured in the proper lightning. Image of the iris is taken by the daughman system and the camera is of about 330mm lens.

Iris localization: in this operation on the iris image is performed like image is converted the series of numeric codes that can be later easily manipulated and used again and again. It is based on the daughman technique. These codes are converted into the byte codes and the size is kept small for the biometric templates.

Pattern matching: after the conversion of iris image in to the byte code it processed for the pattern matching. This method is done with the help of logic gates in clock cycle. Iris code is ex-or that generate new integer. And after that they are compared, it takes about seconds. 

Advantages: they are much secured as they are part of the body. It has high order of patterns that are randomly distributed. Every iris is unique. They are stable throughout life means patterns on the iris remains unchanged. 

Disadvantages: they are small to take their image. They are hidden behind the wet surface that is reflecting too.

Applications: they are used in some ATMs, checking prisoners, anti-terrorism. Etc.

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