Technical Seminar on Meta Search

Introduction to Technical Seminar on Meta Search:

It is a search engine that support links to multiple search engine. It doesn’t need to maintain own index on its own pages. It is a0 very effectively tool that allows us to reach portion of web quickly and easily. They are used for simple queries and good for testing with few keywords. If u is in hurry then it can be used for search. It can also be used complex search.

It identifies what other search engine do that contain useful query.  This method determines which page is need to selected from different search engines.

Database selector: it is used to take the query of user to the proper search engine for processing. Database selection can be done in three categories: rough representative, statistical, and learning based approaches.

Rough representative approach:  they contain only few keywords and they provide only general review of the data.

Statistical representative approach: they are used for any detail information about any document. This allows more accurate estimation of the query.

Learning based approach: it gives the knowledge which databases are regarding to be likely return and what type of query is used from past retrievals.

Collection fusion: they determine how the webpages are searched to relevant query and how the multiple search engines merge them into single result list. They work on two modules:

–          Document selection module

–          Result merge module

Document selector is used to retrieve the document from search engine. And result merger combines all the result into single list according to their rank.

In this system query can be used in multiple search engines and user only require to know about the interface of the meta search engine.  But it only receives top result from the different search engines.

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