Synopsis Format for MBA Final Year Project


  • ·Word count must not exceed 300 words
  • ·Please mention how data was collected and give an outline of your main methodology
  • ·Please mention how your findings link with any of the literature you discuss in chapter 2
  • ·You do not mention any recommendations (see feedback for chapter 5) 

Chapter 1 – Introduction:

  • ·1.5 Thesis organization, this should be a paragraph explaining what is in each chapter, not titles and then a few lines underneath. Just write a paragraph on it.  

Chapter 2 – Literature Review

  • ·OK 

Chapter 3 – Methodology:

  • ·The whole point of chapter 3 is tell the reader YOUR choices and explain why YOU have made those choices. For every section of chapter 3 you must say whether YOU have chosen to use it and try to give reasons why. Eg. Experiment approach? Are you using it?? / Survey approach? Are you using it??IMPORTANT
  • ·Please add to chapter 3 your work under your title ‘Chapter 4’. This is definitely work for chapter 3. 

Chapter 4 – Findings:

  • ·This ‘Research Analysis’ should be chapter 4 

Chapter 5 – Conclusions and Recommendations:

  • ·You must make some recommendations after your conclusions IMPORTANT

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