Final Year Project Synopsis & Titles

Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Engineering and Technology
Postgraduate Programme in Advanced Engineering and Technology Final Year Project Synopsis

  1. A Wind Turbine for developing countries or remote communities capable of sustaining a small family.
  2. Line of sight estimation program for optimum security cctv coverage
  3. Shadow-based model reconstruction from minimum lights and camera configuration
  4. Detection of Diesel Generator Coupling Failure
  5. Development of a Hardware in the Loop/ Rapid Controller Prototyping facility for automotive chassis control
  6. Development of a process loop simulator for supervisory statistical process control analysis
  7. Evaluation of alternative materials for use in 3D printing – creating 3D printing simulator using HP printer for evaluation purposes.
  8. Fault Detection and isolation of Combined Heat and Power Units
  9. Using ultrasonic testing to measure the contact between a railway wheel and rail.
  10. Load Balancing
  11. Metal forming using local pressure
  12. Power assisted compound curve metal forming machine 
  13. QoS in VoIP networks
  14. Topologies, routing and multimedia applications
  15. Voice Encoder Schemes
  16. Search and rescue robotic behaviour
  17. Concealed object detection using a microwave scanner.
  18. Image transmission and processing using the Web
  19. Contour detection and classification using Artificial Neural Networks
  20. Learning in Autonomous Robots using Artificial Neural Networks
  21. Oscillation of a circular cylinder immersed in a current
  22. Effect of mesh characteristics on the numerical simulation of the flow around a vehicle
  23. Effect of mesh characteristics on the numerical simulation of the flow around a vehicle
  24. Product design for the elderly.
  25. Product design and obesity. 
  26. Business Process Simulation
  27. Ring rolling machine
  28. 3D Scene Capturing System
  29. Multimedia services in mobile networks
  30. Object recognition on x-ray images of concealed weapons
  31. Search and rescue robotic behaviour
  32. The use of Genetic Algorithms and neural networks in object detection.
  33. Green Design
  34. DFMA Costing Module
  35. Reverse Engineering and Surface modelling
  36. Reverse Engineering and Fluid flow analysis
  37. Hardware in the loop testing of automotive mechatronic systems
  38. Bonded vs sputtered smart actuators for vibration control
  39. Automotive chassis control systems
  40. Marine Engines Health Monitoring
  41. Power harvesting using vibration energy
  42. Vibration data processing
  43. Acoustic measurements processing
  44. Electrical motor monitoring using vibration measurements
  45. Rapid Manufacturing techniques applied to provide Anisotropic structures
  46. Lean manufacturing
  47. Development of MRP manufacturing management system simulation
  48. Rapid prototyping techniques applied for 3D Art Sculptures
  49. Genetic Algorithms for Lateral Stability Control of Aircraft
  50. Genetic Algorithms for Automotive Controller Design

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