Student Database Management System Visual Basic Project Report

Introduction to Student Database Management System Project:

This database for students is designed keeping in mind the needs of managing a student’s database. Both at the user level and product level it provides high quality security. The design of this system includes two kinds of users that is students and administration.

A typical flow of events can be seen in this database. Its design is created as per the point of view of the students. As this system is based around the central that is students therefore the records in the database also revolve around the activities of the students. There are many other independent categories of this data system that includes Fest, cultural activities, alumni association, library facility and sports.

These information’s helps to know about the progression that is achieved by the institution. Special attention can be given therefore to all the students. This database will also help to know the performance of the students. Plus is the organization can out it on the system of LAN then it can add more efficiency and flexibility to the staffs of the organization.

Student profile includes address, details of the study, details of the dependent and admission details as well. Attendance details include the number classes that are attended by the students in each subject and the total class numbers.  It also handles the information of examinations and internal assessments. It takes the informations of the exams and 3 internal assessment details. 

Manipulation of the database includes:

Modifying results of examinations and attendance of students

Deleting profiles of students

Adding details of the department and its corresponding subjects

Adding profiles of students 

Generation of reports includes

Students list in each of the department

Attendance list of students according to the different departments

Status of examination as per the departments 

Taking the considerations that are stated above we have designed a system for keeping the records of the number of students, their examination details and attendance details.

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