Stationary Store Management VB BCA Project Abstract

Introduction to Stationary Store Management VB Project:

Stationary Store Management is a software application that is designed for the stores that deals in stationeries and other such shops. This system further helps in the maintenance and billing of stocks. This system is designed to meet the needs and give exact guidelines for the process of development of the project that is discussed above. Specifically it provides guidelines on how to design the above mentioned project.

This document can also act as a guide for those who wants to develop this software. For a variety of outlets which includes retailers and wholesalers this software can be used. This software will make the process manually and also helps to maintain the records that are related to this subject including the handling of cash flows and stocks.

Maintain the account details and sales record is the main aim of this project. It also keeps attacking of the cash transactions. The software Stationary Store Management  is used for stationery purposes and it helps to maintain the regular transaction records on the desktop.

Currently the transaction so the stationary stores are maintained as per the manual system and  on the daily system. In order to improve the work efficiency like that of tracking the sales and other related issues some some more advanced system is required. The new proposed system help people in several ways like it help them in processing the billing easily. Maintaining the accounts will also become easier. It can help to keep a track of the sale and the details of the accounts. The software comes with the master entries that enable to enter new products or customer entry to modify, delete and add.

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  1. ur website is helpful for all techiquql student bt i did n’t gt laptop showroom system project on this site in 2008……

  2. plz send me stationary store management
    system source code in and oracle or my sql…plz as soon as possible

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    Could you please send me Stationary Store Management
    system source code in and oracle or my sql.


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