• The main objective of Smart-Phone book Android application is to avoid confusion while searching for the names in the contact list. It is easy to save a contact but what if number is different and name of two persons is same !!. Solution is to save the numbers with same name but in two different fields.
  • This application contains different fields , where contacts of people belonging to particular field can be saved there.
  • By selecting the particular contact from the field or sub-field function like calling can be performed.


The main objective of Smart-phonebook application is to avoid confusion while searching for the name in contacts list . Creating a contact in our phonebook seems to  be  easy ,   but it becomes little confusing when we search for names in the contact list as two or more people may have the same name but different numbers . To avoid this confusion we have added few fields to currently existing phonebook which makes it a smart-phonebook.Fields like friend,family,work,relative as per the requirement are included in this application . This application will be very helpful for the people having a big list of contacts.


Software :

  • Operating system : Windows 8.1pro
  • Technology : Android
  • Back end : Java SE
  • Front end : XML(as UI)
  • Tools : Android Studio or Android SDK

Hardware :

  • Processor : Intel®Core™
  • RAM : 1.0 GB-2.0GB
  • Hard disk : 2 GB


  • This is an offline application which manages to save one’s, part of personal information like contact number , address and email id if applicable. It can be accessed by the phone user only. Every person have many contacts in their list but may or may not classify contacts into groups.

Proposed system :

  • This offline phonebook application can save several number of contacts belonging to different fields.
  • Fields can be named as per the user wish , suppose one field belongs to business , then in business there may be many sub-fields , a person’s information belonging to one particular sub-field can be saved there.
  • The prime advantage is that , many people can be classified according to their fields or sub-fields to avoid confusion while retrieving the contact.
  • To give a call to any person can be easily done without searching the whole list of contacts , we can directly shift to the field and sub-field of that contact and perform the task.

Existing system :

  • As for now we have a normal phone book is in every phone. This is phonebook application that can be used only in smart phones.
  • The only drawback in this application is that , the incoming call of the person with same name belonging to different fields , cannot display the particular field of that person.

Virtual view :

Smart Phone book Android Application

Conclusion :

  • Person having several contacts will enjoy the flavour of this application , because the members in their list may confuse the user with similar name though belonging to different categories , to overcome this person to person can be classified according to their respective categories .