Automatic Appliances Control in a Class room

Problem Statement:

  • In class room’s electric equipment’s like, fans, lights are running, even if there is no people. In some cases, those areas which are unfilled those electric equipment’s are running meaninglessly. This is because, every time manually turning on and off in accordance with the arrival of people, is an uncomfortable task.

Proposed system

  • We propose an automated system for power management to solve the problem of electricity wastage when people leave rooms without switching off the fans and lights.
  • The camera will capturing the images after every 5 minutes,capture image will send the information to the server, whether there is any object is present or not.If it detect the object then the information will send to the data for switching the appliances (light and fan).

Software requirements:

Software part consist of the data base application program and the server program

  • Android
  • data base is implemented in MySQL

Application program can be implemented with android programming language using

  • Android studio.


  • The server is implemented using apache tomcat,nodejs

Hardware requirements:

  • Mobile device
  • Personal computer
  • Camera
  • Electronic Components

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