Seminar Report on Bluetooth Technology with PPT

It can easily replace the need of cables that is used to connect both the devices of communication. Bluetooth used a single radio link over a short range. The laptop can replace the cable that is used today and the availability of Bluetooth radio technology that is built in both the mobile phones. This enables to connect the mobile with the laptop with any need of cables. The Bluetooth radio technology provides a bridge to the data networks.

At the same time it also provides a mechanism and a peripheral interface to create a small ad hoc group that connects devices that are away from the fixed infrastructures. The document on Bluetooth technology provides a brief definition about the usage models and it also explains the optimization of Bluetooth architecture. The security implementation is also described in this document. It also focuses on the applicants as well as the future developments as well as the positioning of the Bluetooth in relation to other standards of wireless technology.

The Bluetooth technology was launched back in the year 1994 and it was a real surprise for the portable lifestyle. It was designed to provide a interconnection without using any kind of wires between mobile phones and their peripherals. It also provides a great solution for the cable free connections of computers which gives a real freedom in the environment of working despite of the availability of wire and location.

Bluetooth connection allows portable notebook, computers, personal digital assistant, mobiles and other gadgets hat make use of short range and low power technology to connect with each other. The transfer rate of Bluetooth is 400 KBPS and it operates in the frequency band of 2.4 GHz which is almost similar to the cordless phones and wireless LAN technology. At the same time it supports computer connection of 10-m at a speed of 1 MBPS.

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