Seminar on Brain Fingerprinting Technology with PPT

Introduction to Seminar on Brain Fingerprinting Technology:

This paper presentation explains about concept of brain finger printing technology which is pure new computer system based technology to recognize the plans of the crimes that are too held. The system called the brain finger printing is completely depended on the principles of the human brain that acts as the central part of the all human actions. While doing the crime there may not be any presence of the part of the body but the presence of the human brain is always present. So this device is specially developed that the plans and the thoughts of the crimes committed can be easily known by a mechanism through complete machine process.

There are total four types of the brain finger printing systems like the Brain Fingerprinting Crime Scene called as the Collection of Evidence; Brain Fingerprinting  called as the  collection of Brain Evidence; Brain Fingerprinting Computer called as the Evidence Analysis; and Brain Fingerprinting Scientific Result which display the result in a form of a report analysis.  The technical and the scientific process, the research sector and the related application are the sub concepts of the existing system. 

This system concludes that this system called the brain finger printing is the new generation’s scientific technology which is specially developed to solve or recognize the crimes, to recognize the perpetrators, and also identifying the innocent suspects. This system has provided a 100% accuracy results.

This is currently in use with the US government and the US defense system. This also traps the real criminal crimes and the other related applications too. This technology satisfies the needs of the user for the benefit of the government, law sectors, corporations, investigations, identifying the victims that commit the crimes, and also the innocents and the fake person tracker are some of the applications related to the system.   

Download Seminar on Brain Fingerprinting Technology with PPT .

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