Securing IP Network Traffic Planes Seminar Report

Securing IP network traffic planes:

This Seminar Report gives the implementation and understanding of IP protection and separation on IP routers. It gives the detail view of the advanced techniques how we will give the security to traffic planes of the IP networks. It includes the management and control and data. The IP infrastructure can be provided by the service plans.

 In this fist section the detailed explanation of the IP networking and Internet protocol. The brief explanation of the fundamental principles of defense and breadth security to the IP traffic planes can be at the end of the section. In the Second section the detail security techniques of the IP control plane, IP services plane, IP management plane, IP data plane.

In the final section the Seminar Report case study of the service provider network and enterprise network. The security techniques of the IP traffic plane can be reviewed that can help to create in an integrated and breadth security architecture.

It is critical to understand and to give the security to the IP infrastructure. The brief explanation of the techniques in this book can protect against the attacks. To protect the IP infrastructure is very critical if the vulnerability continues for both network providers and vendors.

The IP core network security architecture and technology can be supported by the Gregg for users of the web services. 

The service provider organization was invented by the consulting system engineer in 1995. The edge architectures and IP core were supported by the David and he includes the MPLS technologies and IP routing and infrastructure security. 

The operations of the IP routers and networks can be understood. 

The layer2 Ethernet switching and environments, IP networks were faced Many threat models. 

How to protect the IP traffic plane if it is applied in breadth and depth principles? 

The rate limiting, IP option filtering, uRPF, Qos, RTBH these security techniques can used to protect the data plane of IP and Ethernet networks. 

The techniques such as ICMP, MDS, and GTSM can secure the IP control plane in layer 2 switched networks. 

To protect the password management and access management and IP management plane techniques.

This Paper is written & submitted by Chandu.

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