Report On Study of Quality of Work Life at Ling Technologies


After the successful completion of the Report On Study of Quality of Work Life at Ling Technologies survey i.e. when all Employees submitted their feedback we analyzed it in following ways consolidated report of all the Employees taken and difficulties faced by them were taken into consideration. Then team wise about the perception and problems faced in teams were analyzed. Then reports were divided according to gender and analyzed and finally reports according to seniority were prepared from which the consolidated report that had been enclosed shows the overall levels of Employee Satisfaction at Halcyon Technologies.
After analyzing the consolidated report, I thought the below suggestions given by me would help Halcyon to create an amicable & peaceful environment where people feel proud to work.
The recommendations are follows:

1.    Some of the questions for which negative feedback was expected were deleted , in my view when they were planning to take an overall opinion about employee satisfaction levels all the factors related to employee satisfaction should be covered.

2.    Quick and prompt action should be taken for the areas found in Employee feedback which need improvement.

3.    Employee should be given more time to fill up the survey.

4.    Recent training and development sessions were useful to employees. Most of them felt that the training sessions should continue and this session should focus more on their technical and soft skills.

5.    In spite of company providing many benefits to employees, most of them are not happy with benefits plans of the company, I would like to recommend Halycon to go for benefits like sodex-ho passes, spouse insurance etc…

6.    Most of the employees felt that they should be a balance of work between personal and professional life. This kind of stress can be reduced by encouraging fun related activities in the office regularly.

7.    Employees says that there should be more space in the pantry and they also require more chairs as employees cannot go together for lunch and hence hampers the mutual communications. This can be overcome by providing more chairs or by making the sitting arrangements more spacious.

8.    Halycon should try to encourage its employees by taking them out for an outing or team dinner so as to boost up the team and give them relaxation from their routine activities.

9.    Employees feel that their performance evaluation is not fair,this can be abridged by making its employees clear about the policies and procedures.

10.    Team leads should give them a feedback for every fifteen days so that they can asses themselves and work on their weakness to convert them into strengths.

11.    Lack of discipline has been found with respect to time, I would like to recommend Halycon to go for an effective time sheet.

Download Report On Study of Quality of Work Life at Ling Technologies MBA Finance Project Report.

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