Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (Siwes) Project Report

Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (Siwes) Project Report is an effective instrument for exposing students to the realities of the work environment in Nigeria especially, and the world in general; in their chosen professions so as to achieve the much needed technological advancement for the nation. To give an account of the activities carried out during the scheme, the trainee submits a technical report stating, in details, all the knowledge and experience gained.

This report gives a detailed explanation of all the activities carried out by the trainee. Before giving details of these activities, general background knowledge, as studied from relevant engineering texts available, is briefly explained. Then followed by the details of these activities, with each project been involved in outlined under each chapter. Thereafter the chapter that explains the various problems encountered in executing the afore-mentioned projects and the solutions proffered to solve those problems.

The SIWES was established as a result of the realization by the Federal Government, in 1971, of the need to introduce a new dimension to the quality and standard of education obtained in the country in order to achieve the much needed technological advancement; because it has been shown that a correlation exists between a country’s level of economic and technological development, and its level of investment in manpower development (Oniyide, 2000).


Hence, to explain the details to the student the trainee should have the complete knowledge and experience, to expose students to latest developments and technological innovations in their chosen professions. The trainee also has to provide, opportunities for the students to be involved in the practical aspect of their respective disciplines. Thus, bridging the gap between the theoretical aspects taught in the class and the real world situations.

Download Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (Siwes) Civil Engineering Project Report.

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