Java Based Projects

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Language Emulator a Java Project

Introduction: Tourism has a big role to play in today’s world. It is also a great contributor to the national revenue. However, tourists face a lot of problems when they go to a tourist destination in terms of understanding of the local language. In many places, like Europe and Germany, the signboards are in the(…)

Intra Communication Software a Java Project

Introduction: The main aim of the project “Intra communication software a Java Project” is to develop software that enables communication with people in the same organization through an online system. In this project, conferences are conducted between the employees and online decisions from the employees of different branches will be enabled. This is advantageous to(…)

Smarter Work Strategy a Java Project

The project titled “Smarter Work strategy a Java Project” is designed in a large and powerful way combining the capabilities of management components. The database is termed very reliable because IBM has taken charge and initiative of creating things using smart grids. The last few decades have seen the investment of millions of dollars on(…)

Secure Email Transaction System a Java Project

Communication is the backbone of any business. Without exchange of data, communication is impossible. Thus traditional applications for electronic data exchange wouldn’t be enough. In this project “Secure email transaction system a Java Project” theoretical ideas of cryptography have been incorporated in the project for the direct sending and receiving of emails through RSA encryption(…)

Rough Set Based Grid Computing Service a Java Project

Introduction:       The computational grid is soon evolving into a service-oriented computer infrastructure that allows resource sharing and has a large scale problem that will solve problems over the Internet. The project “Rough set based grid computing service a Java Project” presents ROSSE which is rough set based engine that is used for(…)

Post Office Management System a Java Project

Speedy and efficient information processing is important to socially and highly developed technology. Computer reduces the burden of handling vast amounts of information manually and replaces it with technology. The project “Post office management system a Java Project” is designed here to present automation of post office services. The following project has a lot of(…)