The novelty of agriculture is unavoidable to have the food needs of the increasing population and quick industrialization. The project describes the mechanization that allows the preservation of inputs to ensure the good distribution, decreasing quantity requirement for good response and avoiding wastage of inputs used. Mechanization decreases the unit cost of production by input preservation and larger productivity.

The issues increase because of the workers that are not enough in farmlands. Therefore, majority of the fields are found uncultivated. The poor farmers are unable to bear the large cost of power tillers present in the market. Many poor farmers possess small land and cannot afford to buy a tiller to fulfill their requirement due to uneconomical. The cost of tillers is very expensive present in the market and its working is also very complex and could be function by skilled men only.

 The garden tiller is a tiller which works on diesel and utilizes efficiently to cultivate ginger, tapioca, pulses etc. and it is affordable by middle class farmers. The objective of this project is to manufacture and design a tiller depending on diesel which is simple to function with affordable cost.

 The design of the garden tiller was successfully manufactured which found to function depending on the needs. The garden tiller designed is utilized for various actions consisting cultivation of turmeric, tapioca, pulses ginger etc. The cost of the garden tiller is nearly Rs.25000.


Therefore the machines in this Project on DESIGN FABRICATION AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF GARDEN TILLER developed can be utilized by middle class farmers and who are suffered from deep problems because of unavailability of enough labor to work in farmland. Thus this multipurpose project can be beneficial for the small scale farmers.