Mechanical Final Year Project Report on Design of Boiler Stack

Chimney is the part of a system that uses flue gas like IC engines, feoiler, has an important part to maintain draft, efficiency, etc, and decrease the pollution in the atmosphere.

The Mechanical Final Year Project Report on Design of Boiler Stack describes the HOCL boiler plant which makes use of LSHS (low Sulphur heavy stock) like a fuel. The project is about the boiler stack based on standard methods described in IS 6533-1971 and the norms of Kerala State Pollution Control Board.

The design of boiler stack contains design of base plate, holding down bolts, foundation etc. The model is test with stability, sliding, earthquake, and it is observed that the aesign is secure with these factors. The dynamic analysis is taken place to make sure the protection of the model. Ultimately, it includes a CAD drawing of the boiler stack.

The Design of Boiler Stack project needs to gather the needed information for the boiler stack model. It includes study of the design procedures, stoichiometry measurements, model calculations, checking the result achieved, dynamic analysis, and making drawings.

The important parameters of the boiler are boiler make, continuous rating (100% MCR) -24.25TPA, Steam temperature- 214┬░C, feed water temperature, fuel fired-LSFO, and construction type – Bi drum type.


The Mechanical Project conclusion made on boiler which is manufactured for coal on grate like the important fuel with heavy oil for the purpose of warm up, support, and alternate fuel. The coal fire has not being used since many years and the boiler are worked with oil like the fuel. There were issues such as furnace floor, kingering on the burners, and chocking of burner.

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