Anna University Computer Project on Performance Evaluation of RMI

Introduction to Performance Evaluation of RMI:

The world wide spreading network of the internet brings the challenges to the web applications and distributed applications like e- commerce. The RMI provides the solution which is made for the JAVA only applications for the distributed applications developers. The one problem to the users is related to the better performance in good quality service. The Project fulfills the necessity and estimates the performance of the distributed applications which is constructed and developed in RMI.

The Existing System

The Existing System provides the Invocation of the remote image or object by means of the General, Activation and the Custom Socket Factory Procedures. The General Procedure or method has server which develops the various remote objects and images and let the object accessible to the users and provide the remote objects for invocation to the clients. The client can invoke the one or more objects made available from the server. The Activation method gives the implementation of the objects execution.  The socket factory method manages the implementation according to needs of the user.

The Proposed System

The Proposed method estimates the performance of the all three methods with exchanging of the files like text files, image files and the video files. The files are exchanged or transferred by the mentioned invocation method and the performance is estimated by observing the features like round trip time, latency, transmission rate.

The search module is available to search the methods for locating of the methods existence. The search mechanism is of two types Keyword based search and the extension based search. The GUI does not show the low profile information and made access of the all methods and show the actions done. 

 Download  Anna University Computer Project on Performance Evaluation of RMI .

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