Project Ideas for MCA Students on Package for Photo Color lab Using Visual Studio

Introduction to Package for Photo Color lab Project:

The leading color lab is studios and they make use of advanced processing techniques and machines in the lab. Their focus of processing the films followed by their printouts. They are in this filed and continuing this business for  the past five years. To maintain the order’s of the customers properly they make use of the latest system that can easily keep the track of all the orders and make the billing more easier than before.

This project focuses on taking the customer’s order that is based on the roll number, advance taken, billing and other related activities. All this should be the part of a single program. Side by side the application should also able to maintain the details of payments and salaries of employees etc.

The software that is proposed recently should be simple and user friendly. It should able to mains the rolls received from the customers and followed by printing them in order. It should also able to deduct the advance payment during the final billing preparation. All this should be implemented in this software still keeping the overall structure simple at the same time. This software should also showcase the orders that are received at one end till they are altogether billed.

This software is designed in a single form and at the same time provides the options here only. The structure of the software should be very simple and easy to use. The results should be further appear in a tabulated format. The facility of a printout should also be available.

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