Package for Flower Distributor Java Project Idea for MCA Students

Introduction to Package for Flower Distributor Java Project:

The project PACKAGE FOR FLOWER DISTRIBUTOR is designed to handle the daily transaction of the distributor of flower. This is a software application that helps in maintaining issues related to sales. Purchases, Returns, updates, bank flows, sales and the music store recorder level. The aim of this application is to make the existing system automate because it is a manual system of maintaining records of sales, purchases, returns, monetary position of supplier and other transactions that are made at the counter. music stores can also use this software to make the manual system of marinating of data is to automate system. It includes the maintenance of liquid flows and stock.

The manual system is presently used for keeping the transaction records that include purchases, returns and sales along with handling of customers and suppliers accounts. These should be automated for brief and accurate results and it also demands an application that can perform all the work logically. The system must be efficient to replace the present manual method without any problem of major need for modification. Plus, the application should give authenticate results at a quick pace and enable to record the works successfully. It should also be able to provide reviews for the growth of business that can be easily compared. It should also able to provide the reports in a detailed manner so that important decisions can be easily taken on its basis.

An SRS is an organization’s understanding of a customer and the requirements of a client’s system at a specifies time before the actual design or work of development. This is a two way insurance policy that makes sure that both the organization and the client understand the requirements from the particular perspective given at a particular point of time. This document is written in an explicit language as well as in a precise manner.

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