Introduction to the Mechanical Project:

              The energy consumption is ever on the rise increasing global warming too. This has brought renewable energy source and alternate fuels into focus. Using biodiesel is another new option but it causes more environment damage than mineral fuels. Thus a viable option is blend biodiesel with other fuels to make it environment friendly and reduce the pressure on mineral fuels.

          The project titled “Optimal Blending Of Polanga Oil with Diesel in CI Engine Using Artificial Neural Networks” describes special fuel called Polanga which when mixed with conventional diesel t the optimum level tends to operate at maximum load and minimum SFC. It also emits minimum amount of gases O2  and CO2.  This project utilizes a neural network with nodes equal to the input parameters and output of nodes is equal to output parameters of engine. The optimal neurons are indicated t the maxima point. 


     The project Optimal blending of polanga oil with diesel in Ci engine using artificial neural networks employs a conventional single cylinder compression ignition diesel engine. Blending percentages of polanga are made with diesel fuel and results are experimentally deduced. By using a variable combination of speed and load, parameters like SFC, BHP and emissions of gases are experimentally determined out.

      The artificial neural network used in this project, soft computing method is employed. The ANN model makes use of standard propagation algorithm for development of engine. The experimental and predicted results are compared and accordingly an optimized blending scheme is determined. The nature of ANN model comprises of multilayer perception, sigmoid activation function etc.


     From this project, a complete engine (different types of engine) can be modeled with the determination of all performance parameters with minimal error. It is pretty economic in nature and offers mobility. It’s also a tool for pattern specification.

Download Optimal Blending Of Polanga Oil with Diesel in CI Engine Using Artificial Neural Networks Mechanical Paper and Project.