Performance Improvement of a Di Diesel Engine Mech Seminar

This Performance Improvement of a Di Diesel Engine Mechanical Seminar involves an Intensive search in developing diesel engine fuels and lubricants based on vegetable oils. Due to high viscosity of vegetable oils, they interfere with fuel jet penetration, atomization and results in higher fuel consumption and leaves gummy deposits on the engine components upon combustion. Investigations revealed that cotton seed oil, in general vegetable oils, can best be utilized if supercharging is employed at the recommended injection pressure of the engine.

In the present project the effect of supercharging is studied on the performance of a direct injection diesel engine with the use of untreated cottonseed oil. This project deals with the effect of supercharging on the performance of a DI diesel engine with the use of untreated cottonseed oil.

It is well known that supercharging improves combustion process of diesel engines Increase in pressure and temperature of the engine intake reduces ignition delay resulting in a quiet and smooth operation with a lower rate of pressure rise. Thus supercharging encourages the use of low grade4 fuels in diesel engines. The increase in intake air temperatures reduces the unit air charge and also reduces thermal efficiency moderately for the loss and inter-cooling is not necessary except for highly supercharged engines.


This Seminar predict that Oil technologists over the next several decades will become just as essential for the transportation industry as fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel oil are today. Supercharging is also found to be essential when untreated vegetable oils are used for developing the power with a low specific fuel consumption compared to diesel operation and as the supercharging pressure is increased, the engine performance with untreated vegetable oils will be regarded as eco-friendly operation.

Download Performance Improvement of a Di Diesel Engine Paper Presentation and Seminar PPT

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