Open Cry Auction Server ASP.Net Project Report

Introduction to Open Cry Auction Server ASP.Net Project:

The online auctions are now in trend for the simple and easy business. The Project deals with the application software “Open Cry Auction Server” to use for the online transactions. The software is internet based website that has been made for the auction of the buying and selling goods online.

The database server stores the data related to it. The software has developed by the different programs and architectures made. To run the Open Cry Auction Server the programming language is used ASP. NET for the web programming and SQL Server for the database programming. Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 is compatible for the running the program. 


The current trend are now familiar with the different types of the online auction system in dealing of the products sale and buy in low and guaranteed rate. 

The general auctions systems in the Open Cry Auction Systems are Single type and multiple round bid auctions and Dutch Auctions. The plans and rules has to be followed by everyone bidding for the Auction. 

The Open Cry Auction System is the Online Auction transaction system. The person is required to register for Auction. The registered used only can bid on the buying and selling goods and also update their bid details online. An Open Cry Auction Server is combined with the Database for bidding data online transactions.

Download  Open Cry Auction Server ASP.Net Project Report .

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