Bug Tracking System .Net Project with SQL Server & ASP.Net

To create a new Bug Tracking System, which enables the user to detect the bugs and notify colleagues and administrators to get the rectification from them immediately.

This project “Bug Tracking System” handles the Organization details in the database in an efficient manner. This system is more innovative to use, any user can make up easier and faster transactions between employees. This site can be used under any private concern, for flexibly handling the databases, to get dispatches the data to process them for individual usages. Thus it makes the system more flexible, and more reliable for use.

For all the above this site is the perfect place for users, especially employees who preferred to save time and entered into the current trend.  Thus the entire project of the Bug Tracking System is clearly tested; all the modules are working correctly, as well as the output is verified.


  • Employee Details
  • Priority Master
  • Project Details
  • Status Fixation
  • Fast Search
  • Add Bugs

Module description

Employee Details:

The employee details module allows the administrator to make the entries for the employee with their proper identities such as name, email-id, mobile number and etc.
Priority Master:

The priority master module allows the administrative people to fix up the priority for the occurrences of the fore coming errors, which are assigned or created as high, low, medium, and so on.
Project Details:

The Project detail module allows the administrator to create the details about the ongoing projects, their issues, the status of the project, and its responsible person details.
Status Fixation:

The status of the project and the position of the bug is fixed by the user with its completion status, affection-causing range, prioritization, and so on.

Fast Search:

The fast search module allows the user to search the current project records in a simpler manner with details such as project name, respective person details, and so on.
Add Bugs:

The add bugs module allows the user to create the bugs which they are facing from their projects, and publish that problem to the general users for clarification, which leads other users to carry on the bugs and rectify them with their own ideas.

Download the Complete Bug Tracking System project source code, Report, and PPT.

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