Online Java Compiler Project Source Code

The main purpose of Online Java Compiler Project is to help the users to know the things that goes under each and every phase of a compiler. To make them understand about complete process of compilation, to provide them about knowledge of programming languages implementation and their dependencies with system architecture.

Online Java Compiler Project

The phases of a compiler are described as follows:

Online Java Compiler Project Functional Requirements :

1. Accept the source code as an input.
2. Translate the input file into lexemes.
3. Provides Visualization for the translated lexemes.
4. Construct Parse trees for the lexemes.
5. Provide Visualization for the Parse trees.
6. Create a stream of simple instructions from the parse trees.
7. Provides Visualization for the instructions formed.
8. Optimal code generation from the intermediate code generated.
9. Provide Visualization for the optimal code.
10. Object code generation for the Optimized code.
11. Provide Visualization for the object code.
12. Keeps track of names used by the program in symbol table.
13. Error flaw detection is done in the error-handler.
Non- Functional Requirements :
1 .Secure access of confidential data(user’s details).SSL can be used.
2. 24×7 availability.
3. Better component design to get better performance at peak time.
4. Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future for


• This project supports only java programs.

• For any given program like c, java, c++ this should provide the visualization..

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  1. The source code which had been posted on this site for the project of “Online Java Compiler Project Source Code” is not bug free, it is not getting compiled. So please upload the correct source code .

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