Web App Scanner Project in Java

Web App Scanner Project in Java is a web application that will help developers and security professionals protest against the threat of attacks and data breaches. If you use your web applications to collect or exchange sensitive or personal data, the system would give a detailed automated report about

Web App Scanner

1. Security of web application

2. The possibility for hacking it

3. Where exactly the problem lies

4. What are remedies?

            This is a paid service which any web developer/development company can avail. In this we also provide detailed information of different vulnerabilities and risks in the form of static pages.

Web App Scanner Purpose and Scope


 Scanning web applications and generating reports.


Ensuring accessibility to all customers who have a valid userid and password. This system also provides following features:

   i.             Information about hacking techniques
  ii.            Facility to view scan reports
 iii.            Facility view past history of uploaded files and their reports.

Users of the System

i.            Silver Customer
ii.            Gold Customer
iii.            Platinum Customer
iv.            Administrator

Silver Customer:  Silver customers are free to access the solutions without any payment. So they can use limited features

Gold Customer:  Gold customers are independent developers who can be charged per every


Platinum Customer: Platinum customers are corporate customers. On their account many team members of same project team can scan application many times. Pricing should be per application.

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