Micro Blogging Java Project with Source Code

The micro blogging java project main idea is to implement web portal that is similar to twitter social networking site but with some limited features.

At present social networking sites had created trend setting application on the web, most of the users on the web are using social networking sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn…etc.

Implementing this application will be a good option for students to gain basic knowledge on social networking sites.

This application is provided with features like user registration, searching for friends, adding friends to list and follow friends, and sending tweets for users in the friend list.

Here we provide the entire project with code and executing the procedure.

Micro blogging web application project with source code and execution procedure.

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  1. i am making a blog project in j2ee in eclipse using Jboss server. i have done till login and registration page. can anyone help me.. further to complete my blog project. i m not getting idea.. how to implement..

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