Download Online Bookstore Java Source Code

Download online bookstore java source code with execution procedure.

This web portal project is implemented in java platform with different modules like updating of user profile and password, searching for books from the list, querying books on price and title, adding books to shopping chart, online ordering,  and canceling orders.

There are many websites like Amazon…etc which are fully dedicated to online book shopping, this application will be similar to that of Amazon but with limited features.

Developing this application will help students to understand basics of online book store procedure which will help in developing advanced projects. 

13 Replies to “Download Online Bookstore Java Source Code”

  1. hi there

    I’m new in java. I have the below requirements:
    The application must be able to:
    1. Read the attached XML file (bookstore.xml)
    2. Save books into a database (MySQL or H2).
    3. Display the books catalog on the screen with images.
    4. Save books along with their images.
    5. Update and Delete a selected book from the list.
    6. Search for books from the list
    7. Database should be normalized.

    Please use the following technologies:
    1. JEE, EJB 3, JPA 2
    3. Maven
    4. JUnit / Mockito for unit testing.
    5. JSF (with Primefaces preferably) or AngularJS
    6. JBoss/Wildfly Application Server.

    please help by also sending your source code.
    looking forward hearing from you

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