1. Network performance analysis
  2. Network modelling and simulation
  4. Web Services
  5. Home Networking
  6. Grid middleware

Network security

  • WLAN security
  • Securing web services

Project areas: Networking, AI, Graphics, Operating Systems, Network and System Security, Internet Applications Development, Databases, Programming.

Students are encouraged to make full use of VMware virtual machines and open source software.

You are required to make an appointment to discuss any project supervision.

1.Parallel computing

          Parallel optimization algorithms such as parallel genetic algorithms, and their applications.

2.Mobile communications

               The simulation of wireless communications networks such as 3G cellular, WLANs, and mobile ad hoc networks.

Distributed systems

Distributed algorithms, services, Internet applications.

Design, modelling and simulation of wireless networks

  1. Performance comparison of random channel access protocols for wireless networks;
  2. Simulation and analysis of IEEE 802.11 WLAN performances;
  3. Design and simulation of 802.11 WLAN MAC with QoS enhancement for real time services;
  4. Protocol design and analysis for wireless sensor networks and mobile multihop ad hoc network
  5. Study of positioning protocols for low power low rate wireless sensor networks.