Seminar Report on Android OS

Introduction to Android OS Seminar Topic:

The android which was launched at July 2005 is the software in short an operating system which is used for mobiles as their operating systems. This software is mainly based on the operating system called as Linux. Android is launched by the famous search engine named GOOGLE. This software permits the user to work on the code based on the Java platforms and libraries. The dis-advantage of android is it never supports the native codes of the systems.

Android was launched by a company named Palo in CA, the hardware used in the android is a 528 MHz Qualcomm processor and a capable touch screen. Android has 128 Mb of RAM and 256 MB of flash which tells us that the android and its memory are moderate.

Features of android are application framework which is used to make applications which supports all open libraries too. Dalvik virtual machine which is a less memory imaginary device. Integrated browser is a type of feature which makes an increment in the speed of the internet browser in the mobile phone. Optimized graphics which has both 2D and 3D graphics which work on OpenGL and also is a very best application for the GOOGLE EARTH device. SQLite is a database system installed in the Android OS, hand set layout tells us the layout structure of the hand set, Data storage is one which stores the data into the memory, Connectivity is a device part which connects the cell to other cell like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc… and there are various other features too…

The software used for developing the Android is the Java Deployment kit, Apache ant, Python 2.2. Android based platforms and the mobile which has the android installed is more immune than any other mobile devices. Android also has some advantages followed by the dis-advantages too. Android OS is mostly installed in the well known brand called as SAMSUNG etc… in Upcoming future the android will also be contracted with the other mobiles brands.

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