Multi Sensor Strategies to Support Blind People ECE Mini Project Report

Introduction to Multi sensor Strategies to Support Blind People ECE Mini Project:

Due to rapid advancement of multi sensing technologies in the field of communication systems and navigational devices, these multi sensing systems have found enormous applications; here in our project we provide a smart vision prototype is a globally navigational aid for guiding the blind and visually impaired people, it is small, low cost, easily wearable navigational system. 

These systems can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications it supreme functionality is to provide an Clear-Path Indication, here we use an ultrasonic sensor for eliminating obstacles, these ultra sonic sensors are placed in the eye glasses and the transmitter section is placed in the walking stick, for transmitting the information to receiver when ever any obstacle is found in the path the receiver receives the signals from the transmitter.

which are placed in the either side of the stick, to give warnings from both sides; in this project we use a voice recorder with an speaker to give the vocal information for the user,  in this system we increased the range of operation up to 250cm by implementing ultra sonic obstacle sensors, the hardware of our system consist of  an micro controller (rabbit processor-RCM 3100), obstacle sensor, ultra sonic transmitter and receiver, signal processing unit with voice board, its comprised of embedded c on an Kiel cross compiler. In this project the hard ware connections in between the rabbit processor and the ultrasonic sensors with voice recorders are clealy explained in the schematic diagram.

We implemented a dynamic C with RCM3100 module for rapid creation and debugging of the runtime applications creates a new environment in dynamic C development. This interface facilitates fast editing, compiling, debugging and loading. So far we provided a sample model for the navigation of visually handicapped people by introducing additional advanced technologies we can achieve sophisticated results. 

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