Alias in SQL – SQL Server Tutorial


  • Alias means another name (or) alternative name.
  • It is two types.

            (i)  Column Alias -> Alias declared for column is called column alias

            (ii) Table alias   -> Alias declared for table is called Table alias

Column Alias:

Syntax: Colname/

Example   : Select ename, sal, sal*12 as Anusal from emp.

Ename                       Sal                 Anusal

A                                500                  6000

B                                 600                 7200

C                                 700                  8400

  • If column alias contains space, alias must be given to Double quotes.

Example    : – Select ename, sal, sal*12 as “Anual sal” from emp.

  • Display ename,sal,hra,da,tax and totsal

       Hra      30%sal

       Da       20%

       Tax      10%

    Total   sal+hra+da-tax.

Example  :- Select ename,sal,sal*0.3as hra,sal*0.2 da,sal*0.1 tax,sal+ (sal*0.3)+ (sal*0.2)-(sal*0.1) total from EMP.

Table alias:

        Syntax: tablename [as] alias.

Example:  Select * from emp as e

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