Miniature Real-Time Controller with Pc Inters Face and I2c Protocol

In MINIATURE REAL-TIME CONTROLLER WITH PC INTERS FACE AND I2C PROTOCOL project we are using AT89S52 micro controller which belongs to 8051 family. In order to collect the information from the different sensors we are using the 8channel ADC i.e. MCP3208. With the help of MCP3208 we can connect 8 sensors and we can get the data from these sensors and we can send that data to PC so that the data may be useful for several applications.

The data that is stored in the PC is easier to monitor or retrieve at any time compared to storing in a particular memory.

 Different sensors are used for different parameter measurement, the output from these sensors are analog which is then given to a ADC which converts the analog signal into digital the controller then sends this  parameter to the PC where a database is maintained. This is a cyclic process.

download Miniature Real-Time Controller with Pc Inters Face and I2c Protocol.

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